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If you go against your school rules…you will lose computer privileges. I have worked with those who don’t have the right to use school wifi. Lonely people most days. They cannot work in groups with others (and more and more assignments use compute Should schools block websites? | Most providers nowadays even provide data connection, allowing them to get past the blocks because they aren't using school internet. Third, most of the sites blocked are in one of three categories. They all seem to either be game sites, music sites, or even sites that even have information about games. How can I get past my school Internet blocks? | Yahoo Answers Sep 14, 2012 Get past school blocks ? | Yahoo Answers

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School internet blocks.

Bypass Internet Restrictions and Unblock Websites A VPN allows you get around these restrictions by making your web traffic appear like it is going to and coming from somewhere else. It masks your browsing data from the wifi network and encrypts all of your traffic, making sure your private information stays private, and allowing you to access all of the Internet. Access Blocked Sites at School or Work with Google Translate