Apr 09, 2020

Should you still use Windows 7 for online banking after Jan 23, 2020 How to upgrade from XP TO Windows 7 or higher - Microsoft Jan 14, 2020

Jul 15, 2019

Dec 03, 2018 Windows 10 is still free to download. Here's how to get Support for Windows 7 ended in January, which means Microsoft wants holdouts to upgrade to Windows 10 to keep devices running securely and smoothly. If you have an older PC or laptop still running

Download Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7 (Web Installer) for

On windows 7 it doesn't offer other resolutions bigger than the maximum, is there any workaround or software that allows higher resolution? [Edit] This is a video I took using windows XP, you can see that when the resolution exceeds the maximum, not the whole desktop is shown on the screen but once I hover on the sides the desktop moves to show Download Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7 (Web Installer) for