On-Campus Employment at CIA New York. If you’d like to work on campus in Hyde Park, you’ll need to do the following: Submit an employment application through the student job board (instructions are available on the student employment page of CIA Main Menu). Complete a W-4 and an I-9 form.

Integrity Considerations. The CIA doesn't indicate that you can't apply and gain a career as a CIA agent if you've been arrested. Instead, it is noted in the agency's application process that the type of activity, seriousness and recency of illegal or unethical behaviors will be considered in evaluating your application. Dec 27, 2018 · Jobs with the FBI and CIA provide more than a place to work. Employees in both agencies know they are helping keep the U.S. safe from terrorism and crime. Although most positions at the FBI and CIA require college degrees, it is possible to be hired for support and clerical positions with just a high school diploma. The CIA certification can open doors for the average internal auditor to enhance their earning potential and further their career. To become a CIA candidate one must complete all experience requirements – including work experience and education requirements. Jun 10, 2016 · Let’s take a look at one of the intel jobs. Drilling down to the Intelligence Analysis category on the Intelligence Careers page, we find the desired degrees and experience required for an Intelligence Analysis job. Most government job openings list an education requirement and/or experience requirement in their job postings. Jun 19, 2020 · Previous experience dealing with criminals can help increase an applicant's chances of getting a job with the FBI. In order to become a special agent , you must be a US citizen or citizen of the Northern Mariana Islands between 23 and 37 years of age.

No felonies, of course—the CIA doesn't want to be sending a horde of armed liquor store thieves and child molesters overseas. If there are any instances of tax fraud or evasion, you're out. They'll also look closely at why you got fired from any job, if you have a history of alcohol abuse, and how you've conducted yourself in any online forum.

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When you’re bored with your day job, you probably find yourself daydreaming about a more exciting position: Maybe you could go be a Hollywood starlet, play with animals all day at the zoo—or get in on all the action as a CIA officer.. J.C. Carleson didn’t just daydream.

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