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WWWJDIC: Online Japanese Dictionary Service Special Keitai (Japanese cell-phone/mobile phone) interface: Jpn-Eng Eng-Jpn Text Translation Works for the NTT DoCoMo, Vodafone JPhone, AU, Willcom and SoftBank phones. Silas Brown's Access Server for users without Japanese fonts. WWWJDIC plugin for Firefox's search function. (alternative plugins) WWWJDIC banner images: large small Japanese symbol for beginner but it’s a poop server - Genius Jun 04, 2020 New active discord server for serious Japanese learners New active discord server for serious Japanese learners! Resources. The Japan Zone is a Japanese language learning server, where our goal is to reach a high-level in the language. Unlike most servers, we take language learning seriously and expect the best from all of our members. Japanese Email Address Provider 日本のメールアドレスプロバイ …

Basic Japanese for Ordering at a Restaurant in Japan

How to Order Food in Japanese Without Looking Like a Fool Getting your server’s attention. If you ever need your server’s attention, you can always just raise your hand and say “すみません” (sumimasen – Excuse me). Many Japanese restaurants also have call buttons for each table, so you can simply press the button and a server will be there shortly. Ordering your meal

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