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Android各版本对应的SDK和JDK版本_夏日星 … 2017-12-27 · Android 2.3.2 9 GINGERBREAD Android 2.3.1 9 GINGERBREAD Android 2.3 9 GINGERBREAD Android 2.2.x 8 FROYO Android 2.1.x 7 ECLAIR_MR1 Android 2.0.1 6 ECLAIR_0_1 Android 2.0 5 ECLAIR Android 1.6 4 DONUT Android 1.5 3 CUPCAKE 2 1 Most Popular Android Versions 2018 (Always Updated List) The veteran Android version has dropped to 0.2% from the previous Android share of 0.3%. For others, the trend remains the same. Ever since Android Oreo started rising at a rampant pace, others What’s the Latest Version of Android? - How-To Geek 2019-11-15 · We thought it fitting to give a brief rundown of each Android version on the accompanying code name and release date. You know, for completeness. Android 1.5, Cupcake: April 27, 2009; Android 1.6, Donut: September 15, 2009; Android 2.0-2.1, Eclair: October 26, 2009 (initial release) Android 2.2-2.2.3, Froyo: May 20, 2010 (initial release)

2020-6-3 · Google originally scheduled an event on June 3 after canceling the Google I/O event. The company was also supposed to announce the release of Android 11 Beta on June 3 for the public.

2018-1-3 · API等级1:Android1.0API等级2:Android1.1PetitFour 花式小蛋糕API等级3:Android1.5Cupcake 纸杯蛋糕API等级4:Android1.6Donut 甜甜圈API等级5:Android2.0Éclair 松饼API等级6:Android2 Cordova Android 6.3.0 Released! - Apache Cordova

2020-7-20 · After Google announced the new version of Android Nougat 9.0, Now again raise the question about the name of Android 10.0 (See below for more info).. Also Check: Best Android Emulators to Run Android Games on PC Also Check: Best Addicting Android Games Below are the Lists of All Android Version A to Z: Below are the latest Android version with photos.

2014-2-14 · 公共技术点之 Java 注解 Annotation 注解指能够添加到 Java 源代码的语法元数据。类、方法、变量、参数、包都可以被注解,可用来将信息元数据与程序 @codeKK 开源项目源码分析站 Android Q(Android 10)适配 – 默默的点滴 在 Android Q 上上面方法已经不能使用了,如果获取设备唯一Id,需要使用其他方式了,谷歌提供的获取唯一标识符做法见 文档,也可以用Android_ID,上面这些也不是绝对能得到一个永远不变的Id,可能需要多种方案获取其他Id,比如有谷歌商店的手机可以使用谷歌提供的广告Id,还有其他厂商一般都会 Android Studio - gradle配置踩坑 - 简书 因此,Android Studio会自动去下载该Android项目所需的Gradle版本。 然而,却跪倒在GFW面前。 3.解决 通过在Android Studio中依次点击File > Settings > Build, Execution, Deployment > Gradle,我们可以锁定当前项目使用的Gradle的位置。[2]